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YourVersion is the best way to discover the latest
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Discover content you care about

YourVersion brings you the latest news, blogs, tweets, and videos on the topics that matter to you, all in one place.

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Bookmarking pages is a snap with YourVersion. Plus, you can import your Delicious bookmarks.

Organize everything, easily

YourVersion automatically organizes your bookmarks by topic for you. Other sites make you do all the work, we do it for you!

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YourVersion can send you a personalized email with your top stories for the week. All the news you like, without the work.

Enhance your browsing

YourVersion’s browser tools make it easy to share and bookmark pages as you browse the web with Firefox, Chrome, Safari or any other browser.

Simple sharing with your friends

Share interesting stories via email, Facebook, and Twitter, with automatic link-shortening. You can import your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

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