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About YourVersion

What is YourVersion?

The web is growing larger every day, making it a challenge to find the new content you care about in the limited time you have each day. YourVersion was built to help you find the information you want quickly and easily. YourVersion is a real-time discovery engine that continuously delivers web content tailored to your specific interests. YourVersion lets you discover the latest news, blogs, tweets, webpages, and videos -- including results that don't come up in a regular search engine. Even better, YourVersion always has your latest results ready for you each time you visit the website. YourVersion then lets you easily share your discoveries through Twitter, Facebook, and email. We also give you a centralized set of bookmarks accessible anywhere.

How is a discovery engine different from a search engine?

We're all familiar with search engines: type in a keyword, get your answer, and go on with your day. But what if you want to find content for the same topics every day? Is there a product optimized for giving you real-time updates tailored to your specific interests on a continuous basis? Enter the discovery engine.

A discovery engine, like YourVersion, pulls together the most recent online gems related to your interests without all the searching. Adding an interest like "iPhone" in YourVersion brings you not only the latest news on cool apps, but includes blog posts, web pages, tweets, videos and more. And you don't have to type iPhone in again: next time you visit YourVersion, the latest iPhone stories will be there waiting for you. YourVersion lets you enter and save any interest in your profile. YourVersion is the world's best discovery engine because it's easy to use, lets you personalize your results, and offers a comprehensive solution with bookmarking, sharing, an iPhone app, and a Firefox toolbar.

Sharing and Bookmarking

YourVersion completes the discovery experience with its unique sharing and bookmarking capabilities. Sharing stories via Twitter, Facebook, or email is easy -- all you have to do is click the logo of the site where you'd like to share content, and we'll do the rest. Links you share via Twitter are automatically shortened, and you can access your YourVersion bookmarks and tags from anywhere by logging in to your YourVersion account.

YourVersion iPhone App

Now you can take your version of the web with you anywhere you go. We've developed a free iPhone app and mobile site so you can always carry your discoveries in your pocket.

YourVersion Chrome Extension

The YourVersion Chrome Extension lets you easily share any page as you browse. You can share the page via Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, or email. The page's URL is automatically shortened. You can also copy the shortened link to your clipboard with one click. If you are a registered YourVersion user, you can log in to bookmark pages to your YourVersion "Bookmarks" tab. You can also have your shared pages appear in your "Shared" tab.

YourVersion Firefox Toolbar

The YourVersion Firefox Toolbar makes sharing content from any website -- even if you're not browsing from within YourVersion -- easier than ever. The toolbar lets you easily share content via email, Facebook, and Twitter. It also lets you bookmark any page with one or more tags and lets you quickly access your YourVersion bookmarks. There's even a handy tool that shortens any URL and automatically adds that shortened URL to your clipboard.


Located in Palo Alto, California, YourVersion was founded by Dan Olsen. Dan has over 18 years of high-tech experience, including 5 years at Intuit where he led Quicken product management and launched an online brokerage. Dan also led product management at Friendster. He has a technical background and a Stanford MBA. Dan has advised many early-stage web startups and is passionate about building successful, large-scale consumer websites. He has spoken at several conferences including the O'Reilly Web 2.0 Expo, Facebook Fund REV, and Startonomics. You can view his presentations online. For more details, visit Dan's LinkedIn profile.

Our high-performance team is made up of talented, enthusiastic developers, marketers, and interns who come from all corners of the Bay Area. The YourVersion team has extensive experience in developing web products in a fast-paced environment. If you think you'd be a good fit for YourVersion, visit our Jobs page.

YourVersion launched to the public in September 2009 at the TechCrunch50 Conference. Since launching, YourVersion has won the People's Choice Award at 5 consecutive startup events: TechCrunch50, SF New Tech, the Play Berkeley Digital Media Conference, SNAP Summit's FailCon, and SF Beta. Find out what all the buzz is about by signing up to discover your version of the web today!