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"Did I mention how much I love @yourversion? Every once in a while a company gets it right, solves a problem, listens to its users like @Mint." @AdenaDeMonte

" <= RSS for the rest of us" @usermac

" is like stumble + digg + delicious + some other stuff I wouldn't have thought of. Very cool product." @ryanpetersen

"@YourVersion You've now replaced my iGoogle tab. Nice." @jtobin

" (launched at #tc50) is pretty cool. Think: Google Alerts + Delicious + Stumbleupon + a touch of Digg, all in one service." @matti_kolu

"News junkies: check out - I just found 3 news along my interests I didn't have thru my usual channels" @Consiliera

"Was diggin Alltop until YourVersion came along." @RecycleChicken

"Cool tool for tracking everything in one spot. iPhone app looks even better." @sgauder

"Thanks for the tip to ! It solved a problem I didn't even expect to be solved. :)" @MariSmith

"YourVersion is great! It's really good for finding some very interesting info about topics you like." @charlvn

" speaks to my internet A.D.D." @sheibeck

"Tired of surfing for articles on subjects you are interested in? Try @yourversion I'm a huge fan already!"