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3 hours ago - Apple Insider
Apple on Tuesday launched an updated informational page, and corresponding email campaign, detailing how consumers in nine U.S. states can take advantage of back-to-school sales tax holidays for substantial savings on Macs and iOS devices next ...

3 hours ago - Tech, Steven Tweedie
The popular and controversial streaming program, Popcorn Time, just announced AirPlay support for Apple TV.

3 hours ago - Fortune
If you spend any part of your day watching CNBC, here's some news you may be able to use. A CNBC icon popped up Tuesday on the Apple TV home screen — another app alongside the likes of Netflix NFLX and Hulu Plus. Under the terms of the deal that ...

18 hours ago - - Stories, Zach Noble
One of the world's premiere tech companies apparently fell victim to a low-tech ploy: a numerical bluff. Sharron Laverne Parrish Jr. allegedly went around to Apple stores in 16 states racking up big purchases and then ...

5 hours ago - ZDNet
As you can tell from the past tense, Apple turned off the Swell service today. I was listening to the Alec Baldwin's excellent Here's the Thing podcast (the Jerry Seinfeld episode) when Swell summarily stopped streaming. I briefly saw an error message ...

21 hours ago - ExtremeTechComputer Hardware & Software News | ExtremeTech, Grant Brunner
At long last, Apple has finally gotten around to updating its line of Retina MacBook Pros. The CPUs are getting a nice boost across the board, and the amount of RAM on offer has doubled. Even better, the high-end and ...

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