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Check out “Neverending Stories” on the latest YourVersion iPad app

Posted by Sylvanus on September 9th, 2010.

“Good usability is like water flowing downhill” – Author Unknown

We continue to work tirelessly here at YourVersion to improve the user experience for our customers. In our latest YourVersion HD iPad app, we launched the “Continuous Content Stream” that lets you seamlessly browse personalized content faster.

YourVersion iPad Screenshot

In the previous version of the iPad app, once you reached the bottom of a set of 10 stories you had to tap the “Load 10 More” button and wait while a set of 10 more stories were fetched. Now, with the latest iPad app update, you can just keep scrolling down and the app automatically fetches more stories for you. This update will help keep you in the flow of browsing your tailored content.

Download the latest version of our iPad app now and see for yourself how our latest update helps you more easily flow through your content.

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Awesome cat!

September 10th, 2010

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