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Check out YourVersion in the New Safari Extensions Gallery

Posted by evan on July 28th, 2010.

We’re excited that the YourVersion Safari extension was included in today’s debut of Apple’s new Safari Extensions Gallery (listed under ‘Social Networking’). To install the extension, you have to first update to Safari v.5.0.1, then simply click on the blue ‘Install Now’ button below the YourVersion listing in the gallery.

Our extension lets you share webpages you like with just one click via email, Facebook, and Twitter (with our automatic link shortener). If you have a free YourVersion account, you can also bookmark pages you find, so that you can access them later on the YourVersion website.

Another great feature is our Discovery engine; type any topic of interest (i.e. Apple, Safari, etc.) into our search box, and we’ll instantly bring you all the latest, relevant stories about that topic across news, blogs, webpages, tweets, and videos.

If you’re not a Safari user but you want the same tools that our extension offers, you can also install our free Firefox toolbar, Chrome extension, or Bookmarklet (for all other browsers).

Happy Discovering!

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