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Explore YourVersion’s Real-Time Web Discovery Features

Posted by raj on January 5th, 2010.

If you’re a regular reader of content on the Web — e.g, news, blogs, video, Twitter, etc. — you probably already know that it can sometimes be overwhelming to find what you want. Information overload can and does lower your productivity. Preventative methods for info overload include using better discovery tools and more efficient search and/or filtering techniques.

Now that there’s a push for a “real-time web,” good content discovery tools are even more important if you’re looking for the latest relevant content from constantly updated websites and services. YourVersion’s web content discovery engine helps you find the latest relevant content fetched from across news, blogs, tweets, webpages and videos — tailored to your specific interests.

If you haven’t already used YourVersion, here’s a quick rundown, below, of our real-time web discovery features. Note that most of the features below require registering for a YourVersion acccount. It’s free and easy, and it makes your real-time web discovery experience more productive.

The screen snap image below has several areas of the YourVersion Discover page interface marked: interests/ folders (at top, in blue); Thumb, share, bookmark mini-toolbar (at side, top, in green); Delete icon (at side, bottom, in red). The YourVersion real-time web content discovery features are described below the image.


Choose Interests
Remember, if you’re signed up for a free YourVersion account, you’ll get more out our real-time web discovery engine. Otherwise, most of the features below will not be available to you.

  1. Add new interests whenever you like, for YourVersion to track and filter. There’s no limit to the number of interests you can have in your profile.
  2. Create folders for topic hierarchies. If you’re tracking related interests, you can cluster them together in YourVersion topic folders. More about this in an upcoming post.)

Manage Items
Want control over the content items that appear in your Discover page? YourVersion gives you the tools:

  1. Thumb up items for short-term browsing and sharing. Depending on your workflow, you might prefer to “flag” a number of content items from your YourVersion Discover stream and then browse the content afterwards. If so, use the “thumb up” icon. This creates a temporary bookmark that you can find in your “Thumbed” tab on your personal Discover page.
  2. Bookmark items for longer-term research. Have you found a catchy headline for an item that you know you’ll want to check but don’t have time now? Just use the “bookmark” icon to save interesting items for later viewing and/or sharing.
  3. Remove items from your news stream. Don’t need an item in your Discover page stream anymore? Click on the “X” icon for a given item to delete it. Note that if you’ve “thumbed” or bookmarked the item, that information will still remain. The deleted item will only disappear from your Discover stream. This makes it easier to quickly browse content items and thumb or bookmark them for later use.

Share Items
YourVersion isn’t just a great way to discover fresh, relevant web content. It also offers several ways to share your favorites.

  1. Share links via Twitter or Facebook. If you have an active following on Twitter or Facebook, share your content links in one of these two ways. Just use the appropriate icon button on your Discover page.
  2. Share links via email. Import your email contacts so you can share links by email. Email still tops the list of ways to share web content. You have an “email this” option in all of the YourVersion’s real-time web discovery tools. Just look for the “envelope/ email” icon associated with a specific item of content.

So if you haven’t tried out YourVersion, go explore our real-time web content discovery features. Sign up for a free account to get the most out of YourVersion. Don’t forget that we also have a Firefox browser toolbar, and if you want to discover content on the go, check out our free iPhone app. Additional content discovery tools are in the works.

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