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Find Topics to Explore With Our New “Suggested Interests” Feature

Posted by evan on June 7th, 2010.

We’re pleased to announce a new upgrade to our product to help you discover even more great content. Visit your Discover page and you’ll see a new box on the right side with a list of “Suggested Interests.” These interests come from your fellow YourVersion users, so it’s easy to find new topics for you to explore.

Suggested Interests - screenshot

This is a great way for you to (1) explore topics you already like but haven’t thought to add to your interests, and (2) discover new topics you want to learn more about.

We hope that you’ll love our new “Suggested Interests” feature and that it will make your experience with YourVersion that much more exciting and fun! Check out the new feature today and be sure to give us feedback about how you like it.

Happy Discovering!

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