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Helpful Tips for Managing Info Overload in 2010

Posted by raj on January 4th, 2010.

Flickr credit: Bandita.

Flickr credit: Bandita.

You know Information Overload has become a problem when celebrities are quoted discussing the topic. For example, actress Sarah Jessica Parker believes that information overload [USA Today] has reduced our ability to be critical thinkers, thanks to the consumption of a lot of irrelevant information. [Note: The irony is that Parker is quoted halfway down the USA Today web page, in a mass of otherwise irrelevant information, after having to go through a web page popup.]

It’s the irrelevant information that’s overwhelming us, especially if we lack good filtering tools and techniques. Not filtering irrelevant information means missing out on important discoveries, losing concentration, reducing productivity and scores of other issues.

So good workflow is important to managing information overload. Scott Hanselman of Microsoft gave an excellent keynote talk in Sweden in 2009 discussing just this subject, defining the types of work, sources of info overload, and some techniques for managing the flow. (This video of Hanselman’s talk is well worth listening to, even if you don’t have time to view it.)

Hanselman’s talks defines some of the actual problems that cause information overload, both offline and online. Email is a big problem for many people, and for those of us who do a lot of online reading, so is over-subscription to web (RSS) feeds in Google Reader, Bloglines, etc. Some concrete tips for managing email and web feeds are offered by productivity blog Dumb Little Man. Wikihow offers similar suggestions and also offers a quiz for you to determine how well you’re coping with info overload.

So how do you manage your digital and analog forms of information? Care to share? Do you use custom email filters, web agents such as Yahoo Pipes, or other productivity techniques for managing info-related tasks? Have you tried our YourVersion real-time web discovery engine? What are your most effective info overload management methods?

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