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How to Organize YourVersion Interests Into Folders

Posted by raj on January 6th, 2010.

If you are or plan to be a regular user of YourVersion real-time web content discovery engine, you’ll probably find yourself accumulating “interests,” aka topics, over time as you track more subjects. To help mitigate information overload, you might want to organize your related interests into a folders.


YourVersion lets you do this very easily. Follow the steps below and consult the screen snap above:

  1. Simply create a new YourVersion interest that will also be the name of your folder. Some people prefer to use a cryptic word as a folder name, and others prefer to use an “umbrella” word or phrase. For example, if you’re setting up a folder for tracking mobile phone makers, you might use “mobile phones” as a generic label. One potential drawback is that YourVersion folders are also “interests,” so results for “mobile phones” content will appear with your content for your other top-level interests. For that reason, it might be more effective to use some cryptic label such as “mptopics” (for “mobile platform”). Try both ways and see which works best for you.
  2. Now, drag existing “interest” labels from the top of your Discover page into your new folder. (Click your mouse’s left button and hold it down as you drag. Release the button when the interest is over the target folder.) The dragged label will disappear and become a sub-interest in your folder. So if you now hover your mouse cursor over the folder label, you’ll see its sub-interests.
  3. Repeat this for each interest that you want to cluster in the folder. If you need to create new topics, you can also go straight to the folder (click on it) and add new “interests” there.

When you’ve finished adding interests to your folder, you can navigate inside a folder by hovering over it and clicking on any of its sub-interests. Once you do, you’ll see that the folder contains your sub-interests as well as its own “All” label. Click the All label if you want to see content for all the sub-interests at once. Otherwise, click a sub-interest to see its content items. You can add interests directly to a folder while you’re inside it using the “Add Interest” text box. To navigate back to your top-level interests, click on the “All” tag in the Interests breadcrumb trail. Note: you can also add interests, delete interests, and rearrange interests for each folder using the Edit your interests page.

One other handy feature if you have more than 3 rows of interests is the “expand/collapse” toggle button to the left of the Interests label. When it’s collapsed, your list of interests is limited to just 3 rows to maximize screen real-estate for your results. When collapsed, just move your mouse over your list of interests to have it expand so you can select a different interest; it will collapse to 3 rows again when you’re done. You can choose to always display your full list of interests by setting the toggled to the “expanded” state. Note: if you have 3 or fewer rows of interests, the expand/collapse toggle button doesn’t affect anything. The expand/collapse button is also on the Bookmarks, Thumbed, and Profile pages.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about YourVersion’s real-time web discovery features.

Happy Discovering!

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