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How YourVersion Can Help You Be a More Productive Twitter Maven

Posted by raj on January 7th, 2010.

If you’re a regular user of the Twitter microblogging platform, you’re probably one of the many users that loves to share web content. Non-scientific tests will probably show you that the more often you tweet each day, the larger your follower count will grow, simply because you’ll be more visible to a greater number of people searching for certain topics. Now isn’t that what we all want, a bigger social network? However, are you finding good content and sharing it on Twitter as you often as you’d like?

It takes a fair bit of effort to seek out web content, browse it to see if it’s share-worthy and then to tweet it (or share it on Facebook). This can get time consuming, lower your productivity and as a result reduce your presence on Twitter.

YourVersion comes to the rescue. Once you’ve set up your interests, possibly structured into folders, you can quickly browse web content and then share it if you think your network would benefit. You can share URLs from your Discover page, the free iPhone app, and the Firefox toolbar.

From the Discover page, you can tweet an item right from the stream (first snapshot below) or from its content page (second snapshot). In the Firefox toolbar, you can tweet web pages that are not in your Discover stream (third snapshot) In the iPhone app, you can tweet from a specific item’s content page (fourth snapshot).

YourVersion Discover Page

YourVersion Content Item Page

YourVersion Firefox Toolbar
YourVersion Firefox toolbar snapshot

YourVersion iPhone Content Item Page
YourVersion iPhone app content page

The basic process is to use YourVersion’s real-time discovery engine to find good content and tweet the items that you want to share. It’s that simple. YourVersion’s suite of tools gives you the ability to find and share web content from one place. This lets you increase your tweet-sharing frequency in significantly less time.

Does this work? Let’s be honest, you need to share web content that a selection of Twitter users is going to find interesting. If you’re sharing content about currently hot topics, it’s much more likely that you’re going to get followed.

Author Note
My own experience is that using YourVersion to tweet-share URLs helped getting my follower count growing again, after it had stalled for several months. Of course, I hadn’t tweeted for a while due to other priorities. The key thing to note is that using YourVersion means probably spending less time discovering the content you want than with other tools. This translates to more tweets in less time and thus likely more followers. YourVersion user Ethan Bloch echoed this sentiment in a recent tweet.

Power Users
If you plan to be or are a Twitter power user, one of your priorities is growing your network. While YourVersion is NOT a full-blown Twitter client, it’s a great tool for easily discovering and sharing all kinds of web content fairly quickly. If you are or plan to be a power tweeter on Twitter, YourVersion can boost your productivity in finding and sharing good content.

Twitter Power Tip
If you’re a Facebook user and have your Twitter tweets going directly to your Facebook wall, you might want to use the “Selective Twitter” Facebook application instead. This Facebook app gives you greater control over your tweets and the default is to not pass on a tweet to your Facebook wall. If you do want to pass on a given tweet, add the “#fb” hashtag somewhere in the tweet. This reduces the chances that someone in your Facebook network will feel you’re spamming them.

Thoughts? If you’re already an YourVersion user, how are you using our tools? Do you share on Twitter or Facebook, bookmark links or simply view content from your Discover page?

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Just found your site :) It’s amazing some of these new sites I have been seeing using better ways to absorb people’s content. I will probably write about your site on my blog today :)
Off to check it out thanks

John Sullivan
January 7th, 2010

[...] Flickr credit: gadl (used by CC license) Last week we talked about how YourVersion can help you be a more productive Twitter Maven. [...]

microblogging is funstuff just like regular blogging~.:

Sofia Baker
October 4th, 2010

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