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Importing Your Delicious Bookmarks, Tags & Notes into YourVersion

Posted by Sylvanus on December 19th, 2010.

Here is how you can instantly import your bookmarks, tags and notes from Delicious into the free YourVersion service.

To watch a brief overview of importing your Delicious bookmarks, tags and notes, please click on our new video Importing Delicious Bookmarks & Tags Into YourVersion.

1.  Go to in your browser and log in using your email, Facebook Connect or Twitter login credentials.  Don’t have an account yet?  Click here to register (it just takes a few seconds).

2.  After logging in, you will be on the Discover page.  Click on the Bookmarks tab at the top.  If you have not bookmarked any stories, the page will look like this:


3.  Click on the ‘Delicious Import’ link on the Bookmarks tab and enter your Delicious or your Yahoo ID credentials.  You also have the option to import your bookmarks, tags and notes using an XML file.

Delicious Import

4.  YourVersion will then go out and instantly fetch your Delicious public and private bookmarks, tags and notes.  Any bookmarks you import will be deduped from your current YourVersion bookmarks.


5.  Your tags are then organized at the top of the page in an easy to navigate cloud in alphabetical order.  By clicking on a tag you can see the bookmarks that are associated with that tag.


Finally, you can access your bookmarks when you are not on the YourVersion site by using the YourVersion Firefox toolbar.  Click here to download it now.


In addition to the Firefox Toolbar, YourVersion also other browser tools so you can bookmark websites as you browse the web.  We also have a Chrome Extension, Safari Extension and a Bookmarklet for all other browsers.

YourVersion Safari Extension

Just like on Delicious, you can also share your bookmarks, thumbed up items and shared items using your YourVersion public profile page.  Here is an example profile page.

YourVersion Profile Page

We would love to hear your feedback.  Please email us and let us know any suggestions or ideas.

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You’ve got to update this to show the yahoo option too, you all rock!

Nerd Stalker
December 23rd, 2010

[...] weeks and we’ve made efforts to make that transition as simple as possible. With our ‘Delicious Import‘ function, it’s incredibly easy to bring all of your Delicious bookmarks, tags and [...]

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