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Increase Web Browsing and Sharing Productivity with the YourVersion Firefox Toolbar

Posted by raj on February 4th, 2010.

Is Firefox is your web browser of choice? Then consider trying the YourVersion Firefox toolbar. If not, why not first check out why Firefox is one great browser, with thousands of add-ons and extensions? Then add on the YourVersion toolbar.

The YourVersion Firefox toolbar is designed to work in concert with the YourVersion website. (If you have not already set up an account on YourVersion, doing so is a snap.) The YourVersion Firefox toolbar offers many of the features of the YourVersion website, but allows you to browse the web on any page you want. Here are the features, after the screen snapshot below:

YourVersion Firefox toolbar, with notes

  1. One-click access to the YourVersion website. As you browse the web, you can return to the YourVersion website in a single click of the logo at the far left of the toolbar.
  2. Sharing web content by email. Use this feature to share a great website with your friends or colleagues as you browse the web. You can either add email addresses as you are sharing content, or select addresses from a displayed list. (The list of contacts is only displayed if you’ve previously imported your email contacts to your YourVersion profile, or even added them manually.)
  3. Sharing via Twitter or Facebook. Find something interesting that you want to share with your Facebook friends or Twitter network? Share these discoveries via Facebook and Twitter in just one click.
  4. Bookmarking content. Use this feature to save a webpage to your YourVersion bookmarks. You can add terms to categorize your bookmarks. These terms will appear in the YourVersion toolbar (see #5 below), and you can then access your bookmarks in one click.
  5. Access your YourVersion bookmarks. While you browse the web, access your YourVersion bookmarks in one click. Bookmarks are categorized by term(s). Those previously saved with no term are labeled as “(no term)” (without quotation marks).
  6. Access your list of “friends”. Access your friends list on the YourVersion website. Note: This link opens in the current browser tab. You might want to open a new empty tab first.
  7. Get short URL. YourVersion has its own URL shortener: When you share content from the Firefox toolbar via email, Twitter or Facebook, this URL shortener is used automatically. You can also use it manually, to insert into web pages, web slideshows, or wherever a short URL is needed. (The short URL will be copied to your “clipboard.”

If you’re a fan of the Firefox browser, try out the YourVersion toolbar to improve your “web browsing & sharing” experience.

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