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Informavores: Tools for Finding the Information You Want

Posted by raj on January 14th, 2010.

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Why do you read information online? Do you consume a lot of online content?

Your reason for browsing online content maybe different than ours, but it’s likely you want to learn about some interest in particular. If you fall into the now-nebulous category of a “knowledge worker” (to be discussed in more detail in an upcoming blog post), you probably do a lot of online research, save a lot of bookmarks, maybe even share some of what you find with friends via email, Twitter and Facebook.

These are of course all features offered by our very own YourVersion real-time discovery tools for finding, sharing and bookmarking web content. Now, we don’t claim to be the end-all, be-all tool for your online research — yet — but we can help. Suggestion: first read website Web Designer Depot’s article on how to find anything online, which lists a number of resources: Wikipedia and encyclopedia and database sites, Google Search, Multimedia content (e.g., YouTube, TED talks), free educational resources (iTunes University, Odeo, “open university” sites), tutorial sites, and a variety of online research tools (mostly browser-based).

To the last category, don’t forget to add YourVersion’s Discover page and Firefox toolbar. While we don’t put the “online research tool” label on our tools (maybe we should?), you can use them that way. Thanks to the bookmarking and topic folders features, you can even structure the interests you’re tracking into hierarchies. And if you have an Apple iPhone and need to browse and bookmark while you’re mobile, try the free YourVersion iPhone app. These tools, if used properly, go a long way towards controlling information overload.

If you’re using YourVersion in this way, let us know. If you have any suggestions for YourVersion features that’ll improve your online research experience, feel free to use our Feedback page.

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