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New YourVersion Profile Page Lets You Easily Share Pages With Your Audience

Posted by YourVersion on April 23rd, 2010.

We’ve just enhanced your public profile page with fun features that allow you to share YourVersion of the web with your friends, followers, and audience in a whole new way!

Log In and click on the Profile tab to see your profile page. If you haven’t joined YourVersion yet, register for a free account.

Take a look at these visuals maps that detail the new public profile features.

Public Profile Page

This is what your audience sees when they go to the public profile link we’ve created for you. It’s so easy to remember because it uses your YourVersion screen name.<<YourVersion screen name here>>


Profile Page: Admin View

This is what you will see when you log in, click on the Profile tab, and then click View Profile Settings.


New Features:

- Public Profile

If you’ve allowed your audience to view your Bookmarks, Thumbed, and Shared pages, this is where they can see them. It looks very similar to your personal Discover page. If there are certain pages you wish to not make public, just click ‘hide’. If there are pages you want to delete, click the X. Not to worry, your audience can’t delete or hide your articles.

- Profile Settings

You can choose to allow your audience to see your profile picture, Bookmarks, Thumbed, and Shared items.

- Profile Picture

Under profile picture, you will see the following graphic.

Screen shot 2010-04-23 at 1.25.51 PM

By logging with your Facebook account, your Facebook profile picture automatically becomes your public profile picture. If you change your Facebook profile picture, you won’t have to worry about changing your public profile picture. It changes automatically!

- Personal Profile Link

This is a link to your personal profile page.<<YourVersion screen name here>>

We also created a shorter link in order to conserve characters for Twitters users.<<YourVersion screen name here>>

Personally, I’m excited about having a public profile page because it allows people who share a common interest with me to get easy access to articles that they would enjoy too. For example, the majority of my followers on Twitter follow me because I tweet passionately about two subjects: Starbucks Coffee and the San Jose Sharks. Now, my followers and friends can bookmark my public profile link and view all of my favorite stories. Since my Starbucks followers may not be interested in the San Jose Sharks, they can use the interests tab to show only Starbucks articles. This is brilliant! YourVersion is the only discovery engine that allows you to do this.

Give it a try. Login to your account, click on profile, and edit your settings.

We love hearing from you! Share your feedback about the enhanced profile page.

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