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Online Productivity Tips: A Little Organization Reduces Info Overload, Increases Productivity

Posted by raj on January 27th, 2010.

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For people who work regularly online — aka web workers — information overload can be a serious problem, and productivity a holy grail. But being organized goes a long way towards managing info overload and thus increasing productivity. Here are a few online productivity tips we’ve compiled from a few recent articles from around the web.

  1. Ensure workmates do not distract you. Organize your office and interaction times to support this.
  2. Email should help, not enslave you. You don’t always need to email everyone, distracting them, and you don’t need to respond to every email. E.g., Say “thanks in advance” instead of after a response back to you. Skip the “ok, great” emails. [Inc. via Lifehacker.]
  3. Take an information diet. Cut back on how much information you try to consume, lest your IQ be affected.
  4. Use suitable tools. If you need/ like to do a lot of reading, use the right tools for better online and offline reading.
  5. Schedule tasks consistently. Now, set aside specific times each day to manage email, browse content and share via social media (Twitter, Facebook, email). Scheduling such activities in blocks means less fragmentation of your attention and thus your efforts.

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One Response to “Online Productivity Tips: A Little Organization Reduces Info Overload, Increases Productivity”

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I agree totally. Some things I do are:

1. turn off the messenger and social media
2. only check email 1 or 2 times per day
3. opt out of lists i’m not paying attention to or blogs that i’m not reading
4. for tools, i use to keep organized, i speed up the audio and video for media i watch and i also use a software for speed reading that lets me blast through pdf files much faster
5. i agree on the chunking of like tasks…that’s what I do

Great post, I will add some of your suggestions into my productivity efforts.


Doug Sambeler
February 26th, 2010

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