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Browse Latest Stories with YourVersion’s New Topic Pages

Posted by raj on January 20th, 2010.

YourVersion topic page for 'iPhone'

Want to quickly browse the latest web content? YourVersion has just opened up its content discovery engine to the public via our new Topic Pages. Now, you longer need to be a registered user just to browse topics outside of those covered on our home page.

A YourVersion Topic Page shows all the latest web content items for a given topic. So for example, the iPhone Topic Page lists all stories, news, blogs, tweets, etc., for the “iPhone” topic.

Topic Page Benefits for Users
Why is this important? There are a number of reasons:

  1. Registered users can browse a Topic page to explore a topic first, before adding it to their account as an interest to track.
  2. Visitors don’t even need to register, and can explore the wide variety of content channels (news, blogs, tweets, webpages, videos, products), then share items using email, Facebook and Twitter. (The benefits to signing up for a free YourVersion account include saving saving your interests, saving items to bookmarks, topic folders, and deleting stories from your discovery stream.)

Topic Page Benefits for Bloggers
Bloggers and other online writers can benefit as well:

  1. Have a handy source of story ideas and references within your range of interests, without being a registered YourVersion user (but we hope you will register).
  2. Have a quick reference link for your readers. For example, if you’re writing about the rumored Apple Tablet computer and want to send your readers to see more info, link to “ tablet” (spaces okay).

Why Register Anyway?
The Topic pages are just a teaser to show off some of YourVersion’s real-time web content discovery engine’s features. While there is the added feature of a search box on the term pages, you miss out on all the extra real-time discovery features that registered users get.

Top Terms
Here are some of the top YourVersion interests, and links to their topic pages:

  1. android
  2. apple
  3. barack obama
  4. cool website
  5. facebook
  6. google
  7. iphone
  8. social media
  9. stanford
  10. startups
  11. twitter
  12. web 2.0
  13. web design
  14. web development
  15. yourversion

To find web content for other terms, click on any topic page link above and then use the Search box (labelled “Enter a topic of interest:”) at the top. Just enter the word or phrase that you’re looking for content on, then click the “Discover” button. Like what you see? Sign up for a free YourVersion account.

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