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Share, Bookmark and Discover from any browser with the YourVersion Sidebar

Posted by YourVersion on April 22nd, 2010.

We’re excited to announce our newest feature — the YourVersion Sidebar!

The YourVersion team is constantly rolling out new features to make discovering and sharing a better experience for you. Our Firefox toolbar has been popular with our Firefox users, but we know many of you use other browsers. With the new YourVersion Sidebar you can now share ANY page on the web from ANY browser with NO download or installation required. The YourVersion Sidebar is a browser bookmarklet that appears on your browser’s bookmark bar like any other bookmark. In fact, you can get it right here, right now by dragging this image onto your bookmark bar: YourVersion Sidebar

Let’s say you’re on a blog reading a post that you want to share with a friend. Normally, you would have to copy the link to your clipboard, open your email, paste the link, fill out the “To” field, and write your friend a message. With the YourVersion Sidebar you can share the post with only 2 clicks. First, you click the bookmarklet and the YourVersion Sidebar appears on the page (see screenshot below). Second, you choose how you want to share the page (Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and Email). YourVersion shortens the link and auto fills out useful information like the title of the article.  In addition, it allows you to quickly save a page to your YourVersion bookmarks. Lastly, you can discover the latest content for any topic directly from the sidebar.

Picture 13

If you use Google Chrome, we offer the same functionality as a Chrome Extension, which you can get right here.

We’re really excited to share this new feature with you! Learn more and check out the YourVersion Sidebar here! Please let us know if you have any feedback — Happy Sharing, Bookmarking, and Discovering!

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