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Posted by YourVersion on May 13th, 2010.

Today we’re delighted to let you know that you can now use your Twitter account credentials to access YourVersion. We want to give our users various simple ways to be part of the YourVersion Community.

1. If you’re a current YourVersion user with a Twitter account, you no longer have to type  your username and password when you log in YourVersion. Simply clicking  Picture 7in the header sign-in block will take you to your YourVersion page (if you’re already signed in Twitter). …Just a heads up– the first time you use it, you will be asked to allow Twitter to establish a connection with YourVersion. Click ‘Allow’ to proceed to use this feature as shown below. This is only one time.

Picture 6

2. If you’re new to YourVersion and want to sign up, you can skip regular e-mail registration or Facebook Connect by using your Twitter account credentials to register instead. Look for this button in the log-in area Sign-in-with-Twitter-darker. After you click it, you will be asked to provide your Twitter username and password.

3. If your YourVersion Public Profile page does not have an image of you and you’d like to  get one to show your friends, you can import your Twitter picture super easily. Once you’re on YourVersion, go to your ‘Profile tab’ and click ‘Sign in with Twitter’ to import your picture.

So whether you’re a new or current user, you can quickly register and sign in using your Twitter account, and voilá – you’re on YourVersion ready to discover interesting content.

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