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Social Media Tips: Is Twitter Just One Big Act of Narcissism?

Posted by raj on January 28th, 2010.

digital narcissism

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How much time are you spending using social media such as Twitter or Facebook? Not everyone uses or wants to use it, and despite how popular social media is becoming, there are still negative reactions. For example, some clinic psychologists are concluding that the need to tweet on Twitter is an act of narcissism brought about by lack of a strong sense of identity.

This is a pretty strong conclusion. It might even be true for some people, but there are also many positive reasons — depending on your perspective — that people tweet. Here are just a few:

  1. Showing expertise. Being a thought leader of sorts, albeit in snippets, which builds trust and attracts a larger network.
  2. Sharing and networking. Wanting to share information, knowing it builds relationships online – something that could stand the sharer in good stead in the near future, such as building readership elsewhere.
  3. Web traffic. Driving visitors to one or more websites, to gain some sort of return — either monetary or otherwise.
  4. Leveraging permission. Communicating with a willing network — what some people call Permission Marketing. If you’ve built your Twitter network and traffic to your website as a result, you have an opportunity to use inbound marketing techniques.
  5. To gauge reaction. Even if you don’t want to sell anything to your network, you can monitor trends, conduct quick polls. If your network is large enough, you have some reasonable hope of a response, even if only a small percentage of people respond.

So, what are some of the positive reasons that you use Twitter?

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One Response to “Social Media Tips: Is Twitter Just One Big Act of Narcissism?”

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Good article at the zdnet link you gave. I just started using Twitter, I’m slow socially, what can I say. The most positive reason I use Twitter is to follow-up on tweets containing links to longer form web content. However, if I were at a conference event, I could see the value of Twitter usage.

Actually, I find Twitter to be consuming a huge amount of my already overloaded personal content mangement system! W3 is information overload enough for me!

Ellie K
June 19th, 2010

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