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Social Media Tips: Using YourVersion to Participate in Twitter’s Trending Topics

Posted by raj on January 22nd, 2010.

Power Twitter users know that posting tweets about currently hot topics is a good way to get noticed by more Twitter users and potentially get more followers. But how do you this quickly and efficiently?

Fortunately, Twitter already tells you what terms are hot right now, and YourVersion gives you a great dashboard for finding and sharing relevant related content from several channels: news, blogs, webpages, tweets, videos, products. The image below shows a snippet of the right-side toolbar from my profile page.

sceeen snap of twitter profile trending topics

How to Trend-Tweet from YourVersion
Here’s a how-to for participating in Twitter’s trending topics every day, using YourVersion’s real-time discovery features. Register for a free account if you haven’t already done so. [Note: this is an intermediate tutorial intended for people who have been using Twitter for at least a few weeks, and are familiar with Twitter trending topics and hashtags.]

First, start by prepping a list of the trending topics for the day, as described in the following five steps:

(1) Check the right sidebar in your Twitter profile for a list of trending topics (see screen snap above).

(2) Create a topic folder on your YourVersion Discover page. I’ve used “hottweets” and will refer to it for the rest of this how-to post. For the purposes of this how-to, the Twitter trending terms added are “Jersey Shore” and “Valentine Day”. The first image below shows “hottweets” being entered as an interest. The second image shows the interest bar after hottweets has been added. Right now, it’s an interest, but when drag other interests to it (described below), it’ll automatically become a topic folder.



(3) Add interests for each of the Twitter trending terms that you want to track. You may want to add variations. For example, if a Twitter trending topic is “Valentine Day” (without quotes), you might also want to enter “Valentines Day” and “Valentine’s Day” (both without quotes) as an YourVersion interest. [Note that YourVersion let's you enter letters, numbers, space, period, comma, apostrophe and hyphen in your interest tags.] The next three images show the addition of “Jersey Shore” and “Valentine Day” as interests.




(4) Now we want to turn the “hottweets” interest into a topic folder. This is done by click-dragging (click your left mouse button and drag) all those trending interests you just added, into the “hottweets” interest. (If you don’t know how to do this, please read our earlier post, How to Organize YourVersion Interests into Folders. The next three images show the dragging of the “jersey shore” and “valentine day” interest labels into “hottweets.”




(5) “Hottweets” is now an YourVersion topic folder. If you hover your mouse over this tag in your interests area, you’ll see the trending topics interests you dragged there. See the image below.


Now that you’ve prepped YourVersion for tracking web content relevant to the Twitter trending topics, you can browse the item stream.

If you click on a trending interest, say “jersey shore,”, then click on the “Twitter” channel tab (see image below), you’ll get almost the same items as if you searched for “Jersey Shore” at The difference is that YourVersion filters out duplicate tweets, and shows only tweets that have links in them. As well, you can quickly browse the other YourVersion content channels and tweet related stories.


When you find web content in these trending interests and in the above-mentioned YourVersion channels, you can now share it to your Twitter network using the Twitter icon in the vertical mini-toolbar to the right of the content item.

Since trending topics change daily or even hourly, you’ll have to decide each day (or hour) what new interests to add to your trending topics list and what to remove. (To remove an interest, drag its label into the garbage can icon).

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