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Social Media Tips: Who Should You Follow on Twitter?

Posted by raj on January 26th, 2010.

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In our Twitter maven article, we pointed out that using the YourVersion real-time discovery tools is a productive way to share web content on Twitter. This saves you time hunting down relevant content in multiple topics, manually shortening web page URLs, then tweeting via your fave Twitter client.

The article also implied that you can grow your Twitter network by tweeting regularly (and save time by using YourVersion to tweet-share links). While this is true, just having more Twitter followers does not mean anyone is reading what you tweet or adding much value to your network. Following other Twitter users in the hopes of having them follow you back is fine, but you don’t necessarily have to follow everyone back.

Here’s why. Your followers can be partitioned into a number of categories. Here is an incomplete list of such categories:

  1. Twitter “bots” that are software applications which auto-follow active users who mention certain keywords. There’s no human at the other end, reading your tweets.
  2. Spammers who want to sell you something or have you visit their malware site in hopes that they can download software to take over your computer, or multiple variations thereof.
  3. People who follow you only in hopes that you’ll follow back (or knowledge that you auto-follow). They may or may not add value to you your network.
  4. People who actually want to follow you. Within this group are people who will read your tweets and be the most likely to interact with you, either by retweeting your content or responding to your tweets.

I’m sure there are other categories or sub-categories. If you can think of any, feel free to share them here in the comments. The point is that you don’t necessarily want to follow anyone and everyone on Twitter. Be selective, follow people with similiar or overlapping interests.

Now if you are following multitudes of people on Twitter and are starting to rethink this, Twitcleaner is one of many tools that’ll analyze who you’re following on Twitter, categorize the “less valuable” people in your “following” list, and give you recommendations. If you follow less than 2000 people, Twitcleaner will remove accounts in the generated report for free. But be very careful about their criteria, as they recommended I unfollow my wife :)

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