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YourVersion’s Free iPhone App Lets You “Data Snack” on the Go

Posted by YourVersion on March 2nd, 2010.

Data snack: (verb) to consume small snippets of information in a hurry when time permits.

Attention Digital Nomads, mobile infosumers and iPhone users. So, you’re a busy consumer of information, always searching for new web content. Finding information to keep up with the latest trends — or possibly to share with your networks, or save for later browsing and research — takes time. However, with our busy lives and despite spending so much time online, it’s not always possible to get online with our computers and laptops.

So why not find your web content on the go? The YourVersion real-time web content discovery engine is now available on our free iPhone application. If you’re running at least OS 2.0 on your iPhone, you can access the app’s powerful feature set that nearly rivals our web-based version. The interface is simple, easy to use, and can boost your productivity by allowing you to take advantage of free minutes while you’re mobile. Great for all digital nomads and infosumers on the go.

Here’s a rundown of our iPhone app’s features:

Getting Started

When you first launch the YourVersion iPhone app, it’s easy to get started.  If you are not a current YourVersion user, you can sign up with the registration form or with Facebook Connect.  For existing users, simply sign in to begin discovering. Once logged in, you will automatically be taken right to your recommended content on the iPhone app Discover page which shows all of your interests by default.  Here are a couple other notes about the iPhone app:

  • You only need to sign in once to the iPhone app. After that, you will automatically be able to access your YourVersion account without signing in.
  • If you want to logout from the iPhone app, you can.

Interests Page

YourVersion iPhone app interests page

YourVersion iPhone app: add interest

Choose the interest(s) that you want to browse content for:

  • You have full access to all of your Discover page interest tags and interest folders.
  • You can add interests at the top level but not within an interest folder. To do that, add a new interest in the iPhone app, then later go to your web Discover page or Edit Interests page and move the interest into the desired folder.

Note: When you open the YourVersion iPhone app, the app opens to the iPhone Discover page. This enhances the mobile experience by letting you quickly browse content for all of your interests.

iPhone Discover Page

YourVersion iPhone Discover page

YourVersion iPhone channel filter dialog

The iPhone Discover page is equivalent to your web-based Discover page, where you’ll see a stream of content items for easy browsing:

  • View excerpts of content items from either all interests, specific interests, or interest folders.
  • “All” is the default interest stream when you startup the iPhone app, but you can go back to the Interest page and choose something else.
  • Filter your stream by channel. Choose between All, News, Blogs, Webpages, and Twitter.
  • Thumb up items for later browsing and sharing.
  • Delete items from your stream.
  • Click on an item to view that story.

iPhone Content Item Page

YourVersion iPhone content item page

If a content item in your iPhone Discover page caught your attention and you clicked its headline, you’ll see its content in a frame. From there, you have a number of options:

  • View the full content.
  • Email the link to a contact.
  • Tweet the link to your Twitter network.
  • Thumb it up for later use — either to browse, share or bookmark from your Discover page’s Thumbed tab.
  • Open the web content in the Safari iPhone app.

YourVersion iPhone App Best Practices

Let’s face it, even with a smartphone such as the iPhone, a mobile application’s interface has limited space to present elements and tools available in an equivalent web-based version. Extended use of a small screen can cause eyestrain, so it’s worth developing your own best practices for mobile apps.

For the YourVersion iPhone app, here are a few suggested best practices. Feel free to adjust them to your liking, or add your own.

  1. The iPhone app is great for data snacking: quickly scanning through content and sharing it via email or Twitter.
  2. If you see an interesting story but don’t have time to read it, use the “thumb up” feature to flag it. Doing that also adds the item to your “Thumbed” list on the YourVersion website.
  3. Once you’ve read a thumbed up item, you can remove it from your iPhone Discover page stream by tapping the x in the top right, to reduce clutter.

Later, when you’re back at your computer you can go to the YourVersion website and browse the stories in your Thumbed list on the bigger screen.  You can then bookmark or share your discoveries via email, Twitter or Facebook.

Rate our YourVersion iPhone App

Have you already tried out the YourVersion iPhone app? Like it? Why not review it in the App Store? Don’t like something about it, or have ideas for how we can make it better? Please let us know.

Snack strong and happy discovering!

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