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Use your Android device's barcode scanner app to capture the QR Code and download the YourVersion app from the Android Market.


Free YourVersion Android Tablet App

The free YourVersion Android Table App lets you stay on top of your interests on the go. With the YourVersion Android Tablet App, you can:

  • Discover the latest news, blogs, webpages, tweets, videos, and Quora Q&A relevant to your specific interests
  • Use Facebook Connect and Twitter for quick signup and login
  • Add new interests on the fly
  • Share stories via email and Twitter with automatic URL-shortening
  • Delete stories you no longer want to see
  • "Thumbs up" stories to add them to your "Thumbed" list on the YourVersion website

Please if you have any problem, question, or feedback on our Android Tablet app.

Android Tablet App
Android Tablet App