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Download the Free YourVersion HD iPad App Today!

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Free YourVersion HD iPad App

YourVersion is a real-time discovery engine that continuously discovers new, relevant content for you based on your specific interests.

With the Free YourVersion HD iPad App, you can:

  • Discover the latest, relevant web content tailored to your interests
  • View content for all your interests or filter by a specific interest
  • View all content together or filter by news, blogs, webpages, Twitter, videos, or Quora Q&A
  • Share pages you discover via email, Facebook or Twitter (with our automatic link shortener
  • Give a story a 'thumbs up' to add it to your Thumbed list (which can be accessed on the YourVersion website)

Please if you have any problem, question, or feedback on our iPad app.

Check out what YourVersion users are saying:

  • "YourVersion has given me very relevant information on topics that I'm interested in, without me having to go through 15-30 minutes worth of Google searching."
  • "Fast access to pertinent information on topics that are of interest to me."
  • "I really like the concept of being able to have a discovery engine that brings me content that is relevant to an area of interest I have specified."
  • "The ability to customize my news/info feed to what I want is great. The navigation is easy."
  • "YourVersion helps me access content that is either professionally or personally important to me that I otherwise wouldn't see."
  • "I like that the content is always changing, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the diversity of content I receive."
  • "Discovery! I didn't really understand the difference between discovery and search; now I do. And, it's powerful."



Compatible with iPad