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3 hours ago - USA TODAY
LOS ANGELES -- The top tech news for the week was highlighted by a new Instagram app, larger than expected Twitter popularity, an unexpected takeover bid for no. 4 wireless carrier T-Mobile and big changes at Facebook's mobile app. -- Bolt. This new ...

6 hours ago - myfox8.com, Web Staff
Facebook was down for 30 minutes around noon on Friday, prompting a flood of 911 calls to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office. Sgt. Burton Brink of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department tweeted about the incident ...

3 hours ago - Fortune
When Facebook crashes, what's a disgruntled user to do? For some, it means calling the authorities, apparently. Such was the case on Friday morning when the popular social network suffered its second brief outage in two months. Some users in Los ...

8 hours ago - Tech, Steve Kovach
Facebook went down for nearly an hour on Friday. Instead of Facebook, people saw this: facebook down. Facebook. Other users complained that Facebook was running slowly. There were also problems with Facebook's ...

6 hours ago - E! Online
If you're part of the majority that use Facebook on a mobile device, you've noticed a few changes lately. That one girl from high school is knocked up, your ex is dating someone new and your aunt has been commenting on your pictures more than usual.

Yesterday - Gizmodo, Adam Clark Estes
It's been a little sad to watch Facebook devolve from being a squeaky clean site full of people you love to a spam-ridden wasteland. And with a fifth of the world's population using the site, you can be sure the spam is going to ...

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