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2 hours ago - Entrepreneur
Social-media marketing used to be a two-step process: write and post. But today it has evolved into something that sometimes looks more like a NASA mission-control center operation. Dozens of software systems and screens monitoring, measuring and ...

4 hours ago - Voice of America
A torrent of tweets and Facebook posts is pouring out of Hong Kong documenting the “Umbrella revolution,” but social media does not appear to be driving the protesters as it did the Arab Spring, also called the Facebook revolution. “I don't think ...

4 hours ago -
Deadly Japanese Volcano Seen Through Social Media. As Mount Ontake continues to block rescue efforts in Japan, Now This News takes a look at how people have sent their sympathies to the victims of the explosion. About Us · Careers · Contact · Privacy ...

5 hours ago - TechCrunch (blog)
But who lets Facebook or your other social media profiles and online services know you're dead? Only one state, Delaware, has a law that allows family members access to online profiles after someone dies. The problem with that is companies like Yahoo, ...

16 hours ago - Entertainment Weekly
Despite what people say, the need for social media acceptance is highly desired in our society. Having followers and being friended creates a false sense of belonging. Selfie takes the familiar romantic story of Pygmalion and My Fair Lady and gives it ...

22 hours ago - Roanoke Times
Rumors on social media that prompted increased police presence at two Franklin County schools on Tuesday were later determined to be unsubstantiated, authorities said. The rumors, which said someone intended to bring a gun to school, were reported by ...

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