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9 hours ago -
As a veteran of the movement to combat climate change, I have been conditioned to expect disappointment. So when, as administration coordinator for Fossil Free Stanford, I was called into the office of the senior assistant to the Stanford University ...

Aug 9, 2014 - Collective-Evolution, Arjun Walia
Prior to the flyby of Jupiter by Pioneer 10, the CIA and NSA in conjunction with Stanford University were involved in what was called “Remote Viewing.” Remote viewing can be defined in multiple ways. It's the ability of ...

11 hours ago - Stanford Report
While an ethos like that of Silicon Valley is content to write off failure as a stage before success, Stanford English professor Gavin Jones, a scholar of 19thcentury American literature, contends that failure can be a state of being, with integrity ...

Aug 6, 2014 - Stanford News Headlines
A team of Stanford scientists has developed an entirely non-invasive technique that provides a view of blood flow in the brain. The tool could provide powerful insights into strokes and possibly Alzheimer's disease. By Bjorn ...

12 hours ago - The Stanford Daily
This summer, the Stanford Summer Session program has been taking students – visiting, graduate and commuting – throughout Northern California to explore and experience the area and its unique culture. The program is led by summer housing directors ...

Aug 6, 2014 - Stanford News Headlines
Stanford psychology researchers discovered that when white voters perceive more black Americans in the prison population, they support harsher laws. Although African-Americans constitute only 12 percent of America's ...

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