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33 minutes ago - Fox Business
Contrary to popular wisdom, the Web 2.0 movement that spawned user-generated content and social media increases conformity and stifles diversity. Indeed, the more we live online, the more we think alike and behave as a social collective. Online ...

1 hour ago - The National
... magazines and travel agencies. However, since the turn of the century the emergence of the internet and later more sophisticated web 2.0 digital technologies has transformed the end-to-end travel process. Social media provides travellers with a ...

17 hours ago - Network World
Web 2.0 and webscale companies are targeting hyperscale growth, with the ability to scale both up and out, he says. They are also prioritizing on precision and context sensitivity in delivery of services to maximize the user experience at low cost ...

19 hours ago - 3DPrint.com
That missing link was a social aspect to it all, something that could tie everything together. 'Web 2.0,' as it's often referred to, started with MySpace and Facebook in the mid 2000′s, expanded to Twitter and Pinterest, and has since taken the ...

22 hours ago - Barron's (blog)
The GMs miss that caught investors by surprise was driven by mix (low-end in China) and pricing (Web 2.0 purchasing power). However, demand appears strong across most Datacom and several Telecom markets, and Finisar is investing in capacity across ...

Yesterday - Open Democracy
The rise of social media is a constant sub-theme within Boyhood: Linklater would not have known that 2003 would later become marked as the turning point from 'web 1.0' to 'web 2.0', with all of the commodification of social connection that went with that.

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